eLogbook and Training Registration



The eLogbook was launched for new ophthalmology trainees who enter training from 1st July 2023. It replaces the old paper logbook for trainees to record all components of their training, including surgical procedures, non-surgical experiences and active assessment of practical skills. The application procedures for basic and higher training, and for all parts of College examinations are integrated into the eLogbook, so the application and approval processes become paperless for trainees, trainers, COSs and College secretariat.

In addition to the web version, there is also a COHK eLogbook app for iOS and Android users, which facilitates prompt surgical logbook entry and conduction of active assessments, using mobile phones or iPads. Apart from being more environmentally friendly and reducing the need for scanning/ faxing/ storing paper forms, the eLogbook system also has the advantage of automatically tallying surgical procedures; this would allow trainees, their supervisors and College Examiners to easily assess the trainee’s training progress and if the College requirements have been met.


Training Registration

Note: Basic Training application must be submitted within one month from the tentative date of commencement of training.