E-News Issue 2

Dear COHK Members,

Welcome to the second issue of COHK E-News! In this issue, we are going to provide members with further information on the practice of ophthalmology in the amid of Covid-19. We will also bring you some information on some of the coming CME activities.

1. COVID-2019
The practice of ophthalmology has changed significantly with the Covid-19 pandemic. As the situation evolved, the suggested practices changed and can differs significantly in different areas where you practice. The ICO has put together some of the guidelines by its member societies around the world for our easy reference:

Please note that these guidelines or suggested practices are specific to the local countries and may not be all applicable to us practicing in Hong Kong.

2. WOC 2020
In view of the need for social distancing, many of the conferences, meetings and CME activities were called to a halt in the past months. The WOC 2020 congress, which is scheduled on 26 – 29 June 2020 in Cape Town, is unable to hold as a phycical meeting as planned. As such, the organising committee has decided to change the meeting to WOC 2020 Virtual, which offers ophthalmic practitioners chances to attend the meeting online with a reduced registration fee.

The virtual meeting can attract passive CME, just like attending a conventional WOC on site: one passive CME per hour of attendance, and a maximum of 25 CMEs for the whole event. Presentations will attract active CME as in the past.

3. CME
COHK is also actively collaborating with HKU, CUHK and HA teams to organise various CME activities for members to attend in the coming months. Stay tunned to our COHK E-News for further information!

Please find the list of FCAA by our college for your easy reference:

The College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong