E-News Issue 1

Dear COHK Members,

Welcome to the first issue of COHK E-News! The College introduces this E-News with the aim to inform members on important information in a timely manner, especially during the recent Covid-19 pandemic period.

1. COVID-2019
As you may all aware, we are now fighting the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). As part of the medical profession, we have an important role of not only managing potential COVID-2019 patients, but also educating the public on the infection control precautions especially from an ophthalmologist perspective.
We should also try our best to prevent ourselves and our staff to get the COVID-2019. Here are some recommendations you can apply in your clinic.
• Implementing stringent hand hygiene and wearing mask in the waiting area and your clinics, as recommended by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) office
• Keeping the social distancing between patients in the waiting area
• Reporting any suspected cases to CHP according to the guidelines
For further information, please kindly refer to the information from CHP homepage: https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/index.html

HKAPES members may also refer to their previous email on the recommendations on private health care settings from CHP.
Other measures that you may consider include:
• Considering to use protective eye goggles in clinic – as preliminary evidence suggested that ocular surface may also be a site of entry for the virus
• Installing slit lamp splash guard – creating another physical barrier between the patient and the examiner during slit lamp examination

2. CME
In view of the need of social distancing, the College is now having various council and sub-committee meetings using online platform. We are now also actively working on arranging CME activities that could be delivered online. Please stay tuned to our College E-News!

The College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong