President’s Message


The College’s primary role is to set and maintain professional standard to ensure the safety of our patients and to provide them with the best possible medical care. I believe that this is the main concern of our Fellows and Members. We achieve this through structured training, examinations, continuous medical education; and by influencing the healthcare policy in Hong Kong.


Sub-specialization has become a global trend in many of the developed countries. With the ageing population, ocular diseases are becoming more chronic and complex. Sub-specialization can certainly improve the standard of medical care as sub-specialists have more exposure in their area of interest and have more in-depth clinical and surgical skill. This will lead to improvement in clinical service delivery, training and research. However, the trend of sub-specialization should be aligned with the local needs to ensure cost effective development of ophthalmology in Hong Kong.


Ophthalmic trainees will be able to examine, diagnose and treat eye diseases including carrying out eye surgery independently and competently after undergoing 6-year ophthalmic specialist training in recognized ophthalmic training centers. The College of Ophthalmologists in Hong Kong is the only local professional body that can provide accreditation to their training through examination and log book inspection. Although ophthalmologists provide the clinical management of eye diseases, we do need support from other disciplines including optometrists who deal mainly with refraction; orthoptists who deal with eye co-ordination; nurses and primary care physicians to optimize our eye care delivery. Our College is most willing to enhance ophthalmic knowledge of primary care physicians through instruction courses, seminars to strengthen their role in screening and diagnosis of eye diseases. Our College is also keen to provide feedback to the two Medical Schools in Hong Kong on their curriculum design in ophthalmic teaching for medical students.


The College will collaborate with and solicit support from the Government, the Academy of Medicine, the Hospital authority, the local Universities, the Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society and the private eye sectors to continuously improve the standard of Ophthalmology in Hong Kong.


Professor LAI Shiu Ming Jimmy


The College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong